You’re invited to a free Sliptember webinar with IOSH tonight

And, I’m giving away 5x free Slip tests to attendees

Thanks to IOSH South Midlands Branch for inviting me to speak

If you’ve enjoyed any of the Sliptember content, you’ll certainly benefit from this. here’s the summary:

Slips-and-falls are the biggest cause of accident, injury and claim in most sectors – 300,000 A&E visits a year and £1bn+ of insurance claims. Yet, they are often overlooked, downplayed or even considered funny.

Learn from slip safety expert Christian Harris (that’s me!) on the practical, measurable steps you can take to prevent these incidents, potentially saving £100,000s in the process.

This will include CHIMES – the six reasons people slip and what you can do to holistically reduce risk.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask in advance, feel free to pop them into the comments


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#Sliptember – raising awareness of the importance of slip safety throughout September

We need to solve the £1bn+ annual problem, affecting millions, hiding in plain sight under our feet: slips-and-falls

The three big problems around slip safety:
⚠️ Slips are more serious than most think
⚠️ Slips are more costly than most think
⚠️ Slips are more complex than most think

Sliptember’s three goals:
✅ Challenge the misperception that slips are inevitable, simple-to-solve, and even funny
✅ Promote the proven science of slip prevention, which typically sees 50%+ reductions in accidents
✅ Encourage government to legislate slip testing as an annual requirement in buildings in the UK

Get involved:
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