New Safety & Risk Success Podcast episode: Christian Hunt on The Human Risk – behavioural science in safety

Christian Hunt is the founder of Human Risk Limited and a specialist in behavioural science relating to compliance and ethics. He joins Christian Harris on this week’s Safety And Risk Success Podcast to ruminate on these themes.


When things go wrong, there’s always a human component — causing the problem or making it worse. We think of people as assets, but they’re also the single largest driver of risks. So how can we get the best out of our employees, while minimising the risks they pose?


Some key highlights of the interview:

✅ What is “the human risk” and why is it important?

✅ How did Christian’s interest in this area arise?

✅ Where do companies typically do well in this area?

✅ Which areas of human risk tend to have the biggest room for improvement?

✅ What is defensive decision making?

✅ What do face masks and condoms have in common?(!)


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