Preventing slip-and-fall accidents and claims in busy public buildings

Don’t let an accident like this happen in your business – no one wants a colleague, friend or family member getting seriously hurt. And slips are more serious than you probably expected...

The good news is, though: slips are not inevitable. You can stop slip accidents, you can prevent injuries, you can avoid and defend claims

You can stop slips-min

Why is it important to focus on slip safety?

⚠️ Slips are the most common cause of accident, injury & claim. An average claim is £10k but the true cost of an accident is £100k+

⚠️ There have been £700k+ criminal fines after serious slip incidents (fines are *not* insurable)

⚠️ Insurance premiums are rising; given slips are 33%+ of claims, managing this risk is a way to prevent your insurance cost skyrocketing

How can we help you make your building safer?

✅ Our process reduces slip accidents by at least 50%+ in clients’ buildings

✅ We often improve a floor from a 1 in 20 to a 1 in 1,000,000 accident risk exposure through an anti-slip floor treatment. Yes, that’s a 500,000X reduction in risk!

✅ We also gather Pendulum Slip Test data which helps to defend more claims

✅ Added bonus: we deep clean the floors you thought were uncleanable

Are there examples of these outcomes?

📉 At last count, we're stopping over £10m of claims each year through our award-winning methodology

🤝 We partner with insurers like AXA, brokers, lawyers, architects, floor suppliers, H&S consultants & other key stakeholders to educate on the importance & complexity of slips

😊 Our 5,000+ client sites range from CBRE shopping centres to IHG hotels, from independent schools to restaurant chains, from local authority leisure centres to Network Rail train stations (you can check out some client successes by clicking here)

Who can benefit?

👩‍💼 Building owners & managers. Protect your staff & clients as well as the bottom line by making floors safer

👨‍💼 Insurers & brokers. Slips are the biggest driver of poor loss ratios. Preventing accidents & improving defensibility significantly drives up profitability

👷 Architects and construction professionals. It’s vital to ensure that floor surfaces specified (& actually handed over) are clean & safe

Where to start?

Browse the website to discover more about the issues we help our clients to solve, how we do it, and why we are passionate about slip safety

Make use of our free self-help tools, like our Slip Safety Scorecard digital diagnostic tool which scores you on your current performance at stopping slips

Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail:

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