Making floors

Making floors safe, even when wet & deep cleaning "uncleanable" floors

We are a floor maintenance business with two key specialisms:

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Our credentials

We partner with floor suppliers, facilities management and cleaning companies, lawyers plus brokers like Marsh and insurers like AXA, because slips are the biggest cause of accident and claim in most sectors.

Our work can often be part-funded by insurers and can see your annual premiums (which are currently trending upwards) reduce.

Don't just take our word for it: you can see examples of cases studies, testimonials and endorsements from a range of clients, on our success stories page.

Why we do what we do

Ineffective management of floor surfaces causes significant challenges to most businesses, resulting in lower profitability not to mention human costs from accidents and illness.

When it comes to slips:

  • Slips are the most common cause of accident and claim; the average claim is £10k but the true cost of an accident is £100k+
  • Criminal fines due to serious slip incidents now exceed £700k (fines are not covered by insurance)
  • Insurance premiums are rising due to a hardening market; given slips are 33%+ of claims, managing this risk is a way to prevent your insurance cost skyrocketing

...yet slips remain poorly understood, considered as unimportant or even humorous, and many businesses attempt to prevent slips in only a superficial way.

As for floor cleanliness:

  • An unclean environment sees staff and client satisfaction 50%+ lower than a clean one
  • An unclean environment sees sales of 20%+ lower than a clean one
  • In the leisure sector, 65% of members see floor cleanliness as important but only 5% believe their club’s floors are clean
  • Evidence from Sport England shows that the Net Promoter Score of an unclean health club is 0% whereas a clean one is 57%

...yet whilst cleanliness has a value, cleaning is an area where many businesses seek to cut costs rather than invest.

Client results

Typically, clients see a 50%+ reduction in slip accidents, saving a fortune, therefore fewer claims and a lower cost of risk. For example, a hotel reduced accidents in bathtubs by 95% and its risk exposure by £1.5m a year.

Periodic deep cleaning work has seen leisure clients increase membership sales by 12%+ and Net Promoter Score increase by 50%+. For example, a leisure operator added £150k of turnover in a single month after a £5k deep clean, a 30X ROI.

How we do it

Our work is delivered through an award-winningend-to-end service offering – we take care of your floor maintenance needs for you so you can be assured of the results without needing to get your hands dirty.

This includes:

Where should you start?

  1. We have developed a range of self-help tools such as:
  2. You can find a raft of educational content including our CHIMES model setting out the Six Sources of Slips, plus various articleswhite papers and research, and videos
  3. Contact us to arrange a conversation or site visit

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