Planned Preventative Maintenance

Turning a slippery floor to a safe one and / or bringing a floor up to a 9/10 or 10/10 standard of cleanliness is the attention-grabbing part of our work. Perhaps our most critical work, though, is helping clients to maintain these improved standards day after day, month after month, year after year.

Our interest is to help our clients achieve sustained improvement in their floor compliance.

Why is maintenance needed?

Getting a transformative improvement in floor standards and/or safety is clearly a very worthwhile endeavour, so it would be a huge shame to see all that good work be wasted if standards were allowed to deteriorate back to where they started.

In the leisure sector, for instance, it’s very tough for brand standards to be maintained in the long-haul without some periodic specialist deep cleaning assistance.

Furthermore, as a leader of the business, you probably don’t have the headspace to invest in cleaning and would therefore prefer this to be outsourced to a trusted supplier who will turn up when needed and get the job done.

What are the main benefits of putting in place a Planned Preventative Maintenance package?

The benefits of a maintenance approach include:

  • Ensure standards never drop too far
  • Keep the cost of the deep cleaning to a minimum
  • Lower time, effort and cost of daily cleaning
  • Eliminate the need for strong chemicals on a daily basis
  • Demonstrate clear compliance

How often is maintenance recommended?

We almost always recommend a 6-monthly revisit to complete a deep clean and, where needed, a slip safety MOT including testing and recertification of floor compliance.

Floors’ performance will degrade over time and experience tells us that 6 months is “just in time” to prevent this going too far.

How much does the maintenance package cost?

We have created an online tool for you to generate an estimated cost for your floor(s). Simply answer a few questions and this will give you a price range to consider. Use the Self-Assessment Estimate Generator

If you’d then like us to come out and do a test patch plus provide a formal quotation, we’d be delighted to assist.

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