Floor Deep Cleaning

Floor deep cleaning is needed least every so often - typically our clients ask us to visit them every 6-12 months. We specialise in deep cleaning the floors you thought were "uncleanble" - from poolsides to kitchens, from train stations to office reception floors, from washrooms to hotel bathrooms, even external areas like courtyards.

Check out a selection of recent floor deep cleaning images here in this video:

How do I know if I need my floor deep cleaning?

If you think you might need a deep clean of your floors… you probaby do!

You’d be surprised – if you had a single test area cleaned – at how grubby your hard floors have really become without you particularly noticing it. Like your waistline slowly expanding over time, your floors slowly get more and more contaminated but it often sneaks up on you.

Even if your floors have an even appearance, it could well be that they are evenly dirty.

"It looks ok" or "we clean it a lot" doesn't necessarily mean the floor is clean. You should use our 3D Cleanliness approach to assess this correctly, including a pendulum slip test:

“Deep clean” vs deep clean

We are often called in to look at floors when clients tell us they’ve “tried everything else”. It’s rare we cannot achieve a great result one way or another.

There are literally thousands of cleaning companies, all of whom will say that they can offer a “deep clean” service. Beware, though: putting an extra person on shift for an extra couple of hours is not the same as getting in a specialist team with the right experience, methodology, equipment and focus to achieve the outcome you require.

We support most of the leading cleaning companies who recognise the value of having a true specialist on board.

You should ensure to get test areas done before you commission any deep cleaning work to check that you are going to get the transformative clean that you envisage.

Can I try floor deep cleaning myself?

Of course, you can try to do a deep clean yourself. In fact, here is a quick guide on how to do a small trial area to see what kind of standard you can achieve.

Some points to consider, though:

  • What is that true cost for you to do it? For example, if you need staff to work overnight that means they’ll probably get paid extra, plus you’d need to cover them for the days before and after
  • Do you have the right equipment for the job?
  • Do you have the right experience and expertise to complete the work to the right standard?
  • Do you have chemicals that are suitably effective? If so, are these safe to use from a COSSH perspective for your staff?

You can see examples of the deep clenaing we've done on our Success Stories page.

How often should I have a deep clean undertaken?

We typically recommend a 6-monthly deep clean in the majority of cases, certainly in the commercial sector where footfall can be high.

The exact frequency required will depend on a few factors, including:

  • Environment therefore contamination
  • Floor type
  • Footfall
  • The efficacy of your day-to-day cleaning regime

Standards will degrade over time. The question is how long is it before they degrade too far, or far enough that a “top-up” planned preventative maintenance deep clean is not sufficient?

If I get a deep clean done, what does that mean for my daily cleaning?

Getting a deep clean done lessens the requirement for excellence in daily cleaning. Maintaining a flor that is a 9/10 standard is much, much easier than trying to improve a 3/10 floor to even a 7/20 floor.

Day-to-day floor cleaning requires you to get your ROTAS right. But, having a professional deep clean to start with makes life so much easier - you can then concentrate on maintaining rather than trying to deep clean.

This means you can save time, effort and cost on your daily cleaning by getting a proper deep clean done periodically.

How much does a deep clean cost?

We have created an online tool for you to generate an estimated cost for your floor(s). Simply answer a few questions and this will give you a price range to consider.

We'd be happy to help you with your floor deep cleaning.

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