Pendulum slip test service (slip safety survey)

Anti-slip floor treatment will stop slips-and-falls
  • You cannot know how safe a floor is just by looking at it: you need to do a pendulum slip test
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  • Protect your staff and customers
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  • Our team has been slip testing floors and making wet floors safe for a combined 100+ years
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Pendulum slip test

Why and when you’d benefit from a pendulum slip test

A pendulum slip test is essential in diagnosing any slip-and-fall issue or when specifying and installing a new floor, because the floor contributes up to 50% of the risk of a slip.

Many slip tests exist but be aware: in the UK there is only one that is recommended by the HSE and used in court – the pendulum slip test.

The data this test produces is invaluable, provided the test is conducted by an experienced and qualified technician who can interpret the results correctly.

There are seven key times that you should get a pendulum slip test done, which our founder, Christian Harris - the UK's leading authority on slip safety - set out in a document that you can find by clicking here.

Causes of slips and falls, per NFSI

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Here’s why avoiding a slip-and-fall problem is important

Co-Op was fined £400,000 after Stanley May slipped over and died

Slips-and-falls are the biggest cause of accidents, injuries and claims across the world each year. In the UK alone, over 300,000 people go to A&E each year after a slip, leading to 1.5m NHS bed days. Claim costs exceed £1bn each year but “hidden”, uninsured costs are a multiple of this.


Let’s not forget, though, that every single slip-and-fall affects a person and can have a huge human cost. This affects both the person injured, but also their family and friends. Take these examples:

  • Stanley May (pictured) who slipped, fell and passed away in a supermarket
  • A close friend of our founder, Christian Harris, who slipped and fell in a playground when heavily pregnant, leading to multiple surgeries to heal her ankle (see a video of Christian discussing this, here)
  • The hospital worker who suffered an amputation as a result of two slips at work
  • The pregnant lady who slipped and fell in a hotel spa when pregnant and whose daughter was born with learning difficulties (liability is unknown on this one, but a case is ongoing)
  • Joe Biden, who - in the run-up to becoming President - slipped, fell and broke his ankle whilst playing with his dogs


No doubt you can think of a slip story affecting someone you know? It goes without saying you wouldn’t want to be responsible for a serious injury happening to someone using your building. That’s why a pendulum slip test is important – if you don’t have this data, you can’t be certain of how to prevent this human tragedy from happening.

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What problems can a pendulum slip test solve?

Too mnay assumptions are made when it comes to the slip safety of floors

Slips are inevitable

Pendulum slip test results are fact, not fiction.  This gives you certainty and a quantifiable number – what gets measured gets managed.

So, once you know your slip test results, you can install a safe floor or ensure your existing floors are safe.

Slips-and-falls happen because we don’t understand the issue well enough


Without testing, you’re guessing. If you’re guessing, you won’t develop the skillset to reduce risk.

Slips are not inevitable. You can stop slips and it starts with a pendulum slip test to understand how safe your floors are.

So... claims are hard to defend & fines and premiums are rising as floors aren’t safe

Costs rising

Defending slip-and-fall insurance claims comes down to having credible evidence; pendulum test data is as credible as it comes.

Insurers and lawyers like proof of pendulum testing every 12 months. This will mean you defend more claims.

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What do the pendulum slip test results mean?

PTV table image
Pendulum for Cardinus

The output of a pendulum slip test is a Pendulum Test Value (PTV). In simple terms, this is the amount of friction given by the floor. The PTV score gives you a category of risk: high slip potential (PTV 0-24), moderate slip potential (PTV 25-35) or low slip potential (PTV 36+).


Further, you can correlate PTV to accident risk exposure:


So if a floor scores a PTV of 19 then 1 in 2 people may slip; conversely a PTV of 36 means that only 1 in 1,000,000 people may slip.

PTV vs risk graphic

What about other slip test methods? Do I need a pendulum slip test, specifically?

Other slip tests exist, and indeed in different countries around the world, the pendulum would not be the right test to use. However, in the UK, the pendulum slip test is absolutely the gold standard.


Here are some of the other test methods that often crop up:

Slip Alert (car plus ramp)

Slip Alert is a car which slides down a ramp and across the floor. It does have a British Standard, but only for one very specific type of floor covering.

Ramp test (R rating or A, B, C rating)

This is a test used in European standards, but is often incorrectly mentioned in the UK. The results are broad categories, as is shown here in this article

Surface roughness (Rz)

Surface roughness testing (sometimes referred to as a "Kenny") is recommended as an indicative test by the HSE in its Slips Assessment Tool.

Others (Bot3000 / Tortus / English XL)

Various international tests also claim to measure static or dynamic floor friction. But in the UK courts, only the pendulum test stands up to scrutiny.

Some of these tests are appropriate for on-site monitoring of changes over time – indeed we often recommend this for clients to supplement their annual pendulum slip testing.


The HSE stance on testing is clear and is set out in this document.

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Should I buy a pendulum slip test machine or get an expert to do the testing?

Undertaking a pendulum test may appear relatively straightforward, but to achieve accurate results, it must be done correctly and in-line with the UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines.


Investing in the testing machine is costly: prices are around £5,000+VAT whereas a test by an experienced specialist would cost around £500+VAT.

We accept cryptocurrecy! If you don't know how to buy it, you can find out more about at


It’s also important to have knowledge to interpret the results correctly. The biggest value we add to clients is not really in doing the test itself, it’s in explaining to our clients what the numbers mean and what they should do about the results. This is aided by our unparalleled experience working with the insurance and legal sectors, having assisted in hundreds of insurance claim cases plus dozens of criminal prosecutions.


For example, does my reception floor need to have a low slip potential when wet or would moderate be ok? For questions like this, we have created our slip safety specification tool to give you an idea of the minimum wet slip resistance requirements for different areas of buildings.

UKSRG guidelines

The short- and long-term benefits of pendulum slip testing

Overall, having regular pendulum slip tests will help you to safeguard people and lower your exposure to costs.


Straight away, you’ll be able to lower risk in your building – either by choosing the right floor to install, or by quantifying how slippery your floor is and then taking measurable action to make it safer when wet.


In the long-run, that will mean fewer accidents, less harm and lower claims, operational and insurance premium costs. Taking a proactive approach to safety and risk means you can achieve the 4 P’s:

  • Protection of you team
  • Performance of that team because they feel protected
  • Profit coming from that high performance
  • Power to do more meaningful things in the world, from expansion to social and charitable impact


…and all that can start by knowing how safe your floor is!

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Why should I trust Slip Safety Services with pendulum slip test?

A selection of Slip Safety Services' partners

We partner with and are recommended by leading insurers, brokers, lawyers, floor suppliers, managing agents and other stakeholders. Safety is not an area to leave to chance. If you’re doing pendulum slip testing, you absolutely need this to be done by a qualified company. We are trusted by the organisations that you trust to give you the right support, advice, and cover you financially if the worst happens. We are proud to say that no other pendulum slip test service provider can say the same.


Our pendulum slip test service is often specified by architects, floor suppliers and leading corporate brands as part of construction or refurbishment projects. Even insurance companies will sometimes explicitly specify that our testing must be used. We have helped to defend £1m+ of insurance claims through our expert witness pendulum slip testing service.

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Prices depend on a few factors, but typically start at £500+VAT.

Feeling safer through a pendulum slip test

To summarise, a pendulum slip test is the gold standard of testing in the UK, enabling you to protect your staff, customers and bottom line.


But it’s not “just” about that. Our work delivering testing and solutions is all about making people feel safer: we want to make you feel safer because you know you’ve engaged a professional to advise you on how safe your building is. In turn, your staff and customers will feel safer because you’ve clearly made the right choice to their benefit.


We are specialists in delivering a pendulum slip test service and we'd love to help you make your floors safer.

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