How to measure the size of your floors

In order for us to calculate a price for a deep clean, anti-slip treatment, sealing, PPM maintenance or any other kind of work…


Or for you to figure out how long you need to do your own cleaning, what amount of chemical and equipment etc you require…


You’ll need to know the sizes of your floor areas.


Cleaning is a science more than an art: Just as if you have a floor that gets walked on 1,000 times a day, that floor will need significantly different cleaning than one that gets walked on 10 times a year…. If you have 10m2 to clean or 1,000m2 to clean, you will need vastly different levels of time, amounts of equipment and consumables, and equipment.


If you’re lucky, you may have to-scale floor plans of the building or a measurement tool such as a laser. But if not, you can do this fairly accurately by pacing it out.


Simply walk from one wall to the other and count your steps. The average stride length is 80cm, so if it takes you ten paces to walk the length of a room, that means the room is 8m in length.


You can use the below calculator to help:


[coming soon]


Once you know the dimensions of the room in metres, you can multiply the length by the width to calculate the square metres. If there are areas of floor covered up (e.g. in a leisure club changing room there may be lockers), take an approximate percentage of the floor and subtract this from the total.


Here are some examples:





Once you’ve calculated the size of areas that need cleaning, treating or sealing, if you’d like to receive an estimated price from us, you can use the Slip Safety Self Assessment Cost Calculator. We will revert with a price for you to consider. If acceptable, we may then arrange a site visit to do a test patch, slip test or whatever is needed.