Floor Sealing

On certain floors, in certain circumstances, a seal can be an invaluable way of helping to achieve and maintain excellent standards over the long-term.

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floor sealing

What are the benefits of sealing?

When a seal is appropriate, it brings a host of potential benefits:

  • Achieving a better finish: certain seals include colour enhancing properties to bring the lustre back to floors
  • Protecting the floor itself from wear: vinyl floors, for example, come out of the factory with a thin sacrificial wear layer of polyurethane on them. We can use a much thicker, more robust sealing cost to provide long-term protection and to prevent the inherent floor from damage and wear
  • Making ongoing cleaning and maintenance more straightforward: the right seal on the right floor will prevent deep ingress of contamination so your day-to-day cleaning does not need to be too intensive
  • Environmental benefits: sealing vinyl floors to ensure they last longer and need not be replaced has a clear advantage as it prevents landfill build-up

If I have a seal, do I not need to worry about daily cleaning?

Unfortunately, not! Even sealed floors will collect contamination over time, so it’s best to use an effective daily cleaning regime to prevent any build-up rather than having to rely on deep cleaning more frequently.

We can help with a periodic Planned Preventative Maintenance package to ensure that your daily cleaning really does only need to achieve the bare minimum.

sealing a floor

When might sealing be useful?

There are various scenarios when we may recommend a seal to you, including:

  • On certain new floors types (often sealing is part of the specification)
  • In very heavily trafficked areas where daily cleaning doesn’t achieve the required results
  • On certain heavily textured floor types
  • For natural stone floors (e.g. marble, granite, travertine) whereas porcelain and ceramic tiles are much less likely to require sealing

What types of seal finishes are there?

We almost exclusively tend to use impregnating sealers on tiles and stone. These sit within the surface and create a breathable protective layer without a huge, if any, change in the appearance of the floor.

We can use seals with varying degrees of sheen on them, as well as colour enhancing seals which will typically darken and bring back the lustre of floors.

Does sealing affect slip safety?

Care should be taken if a non-specialist seeks to seal a floor because it may be that their work will make your floor more slippery when wet. Traditional polish seals produce a smooth, topical surface over the top of the inherent floor.

How long does the benefit of a seal last?

Most sealants that we use will last for several years if maintained correctly. We recommend a Planned Preventative Maintenance plan to assist with this.

floor sealing cost

How much does floor sealing cost?

We have created an online tool for you to generate an estimated cost for your floor(s). Simply answer a few questions and this will give you a price range to consider.

If you’d then like us to come out and do a test patch plus provide a formal quotation, we’d be delighted to assist.

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