Self-Assessment Estimate Generator

Wouldn’t it be great to know how much investment would be needed to solve your slip safety, cleanliness or hygiene problem before having to invest too much time in inviting someone to visit?


We think it would be helpful for both you and us!


So, we’ve created an online Self-Assessment Estimate Generator for you. In less than 5 minutes you can answer 10 questions (including uploading some photos of the area you need help with) and find out a rough amount required to invest in solving the problem that you’ve identified.


Typically the estimate will be 90% accurate. But certain factors may change the final price, including:

  • If the area is quite small: an area of less than 150m2 may to cost more than the estimate suggests (because the Estimator works on a price per m2)
  • If the area is quite large: an area of more than 800m2 is likely to cost less than the estimate suggests (because our price per m2 will fall for larger jobs)
  • If access is not available for long shifts: in a train station, for example, where we can only work for 4 hours a night, we can be much less efficient than in a shopping centre where we can work 10 hours a night. The final price will clearly reflect this
  • If the contamination type and extent appears particularly challenging


So, upon receipt of the estimate, we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss this further, ask you any questions we may have, and give you the chance to ask us questions you have.


After this conversation, there will be three possible outcomes:

  1. We can provide a formal quotation over the phone (confirmed via email) and book in the work
  2. We book in a site visit to undertake a test area and provide a formal quotation
  3. For whatever reason we agree not to take things further


Take the Estimate Generator here: