What do your floors and your figure have in common?

Perhaps more than you might have thought!

We recently carried out a deep clean of a leisure facility and, speaking to the manager, it reminded me of so many comments I’ve heard over the years:

“I hadn’t realised how dirty the floor was”

“Because it looked consistent I assumed it was clean”

And, tellingly:

“I’ve been here since we opened a few years ago and I just hadn’t noticed how bad things had become because I see it every day”

So that is how your floors are like your waistline (or at least they can be): you don’t notice the weight adding on as it happens so slowly over a prolonged period – just as you don’t notice how the floor changes as you see it every day.

It’s only when you can’t fit into your wedding suit, or your favourite dress from a few years ago, that you see you could do with losing a few pounds – It’s only when a floorcare specialist comes in to show you what your floor looks like, that you notice how the dirt had gradually built-up.

As a side note, this is also why it’s important to carry out regular slip testing: whilst the floor may look clean, there’s a good chance that an invisible, or perhaps just imperceptible to you, layer of contamination has developed which will compromise grip.

Just as you can keep a great figure by eating well, exercising and generally looking after your health, you can keep great floor brand standards by giving TLC and maintaining them well. Therefore, we offer an annual maintenance visit as standard, giving you the peace of mind to know that your floors are getting the specialist attention they need.

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