How to ensure a rigorous cleaning and disinfection regime throughout your gym or leisure facility, per UK Active Fit Together guidance

Below is a recording of Christian Harris’ webinar from 17th June 2020 setting out how leisure facilities should ensure that they meet ukactive’s minimum requirements for cleaning & hygiene.


Fit Together was published in June 2020 as the leisure sector’s industry guidance response to how to reopen safely. There are 6 main commitments, of which one relates to cleanliness & hygiene:

reducing the risk of viral transmission from surfaces and equipment.”


Below this sits four bullet points of detail:

  • Ensure rigorous cleaning and disinfection regimes throughout the facility
  • Ensure regular cleaning of high-contact touch points throughout the facility during opening
  • Provide access (for staff and users) to antibacterial wipes, sprays and sanitisers
  • Enforce equipment wipe-down pre and post workout (and during where required) this is in addition to the cleaning schedule


The webinar goes through each of these points in detail to:

  • Explain what they actually mean
  • Discuss how to implement the guidance
  • Set out some quick wins / time savers


It also discusses:

  • The 5 key areas of a leisure facility’s business which cleanliness & hygiene have always driven – with numbers
  • What is the new normal expectation level of members, based on Sport England’s historic surveys but also current member feedback: over 57,000 out of 63,000 surveyed during lockdown said cleanliness was very important in their feeling safe to return
  • The potential legal implications of getting this wrong: solicitors are already talking about COVID claims as the new “have you had an accident at work?” or PPI claims phenomenon


The burden placed on operators by this guidance is very high: in order to disinfect they must first effectively clean to remove all contamination (otherwise disinfection will not work); then, this needs to be maintained consistently.


Time is running very low for facilities to get up to the right standard.


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Here is the recording: