Given the nature of our work (maintaining safe and hygienically clean environments), we have received large amounts of inquiries on how we can help, but also how are we planning to operate during this troubling time.


On a personal level, my 2-year-old son has asthma and various respiratory issues, so I am trying everything I can to shield him from the virus. I hope with all my heart that you and your families can avoid this.


Our position is this

  • We are planning to remain open given the critical nature of our work at this time


  • Through our deep clean and decontamination service, we can help you to:
    • Stay open
    • Demonstrate commitment to cleanliness and staff / visitor safety
    • Reopen quickly in the event of a known infected person having visited your building


This service can be seen on


  • To continue to provide our normal service for all floorcare works, we are taking the following measures:
    • Assisting social distancing and speed of response by setting up an online Estimate Generator. This means we will not need to visit site to provide you a quotation
    • Undertaking visits at night to minimise risks to our staff and yours (though we can visit during daytime hours if needed)
    • Publishing guidance, particularly relating to wet and barefoot areas where risks are especially high, on our website
    • Making myself available for diarised 15-minute calls to discuss any questions you may have


  • We realise this is a deeply challenging time for all businesses. As such, we are offering decontamination and disinfection at no additional charge to our normal deep cleaning rates


  • Whilst we are not yet at full capacity, there is every chance that demand will outstrip our ability to supply. We will not compromise on the quality of our service so once our limit is reached, it is reached.
    • We therefore urge clients to consider proactive decontamination works to ensure their slot in our teams’ diaries


We are here to help if needed. Please let me know.


Stay safe out there and I look forward to meeting up for a coffee once we are allowed to again!


Christian Harris, founder


07734 923851