Join Christian Harris next Friday for an event with the Association For Project Safety


Slip resistance is a critical factor to consider in any project, yet there is a lot of information out there which can become confusing: R9, DCOF, PTV, RZ, ABC…


No wonder sometimes mistakes are made


In this CPD, I’ll run through why this topic is important and what you really need to know


But, importantly, I’ll give you the practical perspective of companies, the insurer viewpoint and the legal standpoint, too


Attendees will also receive access to three valuable free resources:


✅ Slip Safety Scorecard: a digital diagnostic tool which sets out how a building performs against best-practice on the six reasons slips occur (CHIMES – Contamination, Heel, Individual, Maintenance, Environment, Surface)


✅ Slip Safety Specification Guide: another digital tool which allows you to discover the minimum wet slip resistance you should specify in different areas of buildings


✅ Anti-slip treatment sample service: technology has moved on and almost any floor surface from any supplier can now be anti-slip treated to enable you to specify on aesthetics knowing that safety can nonetheless be achieved


A link to join this free event, open to all, is below 👇


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