Slips-and-falls – the Irish landscape | Part of our #Sliptember mini series on the Safety & Risk Success Podcast

The first of our Sliptember 2021 podcast episode mini-series sees Richard McNamara, MD of Total Slip Solutions, join Christian Harris to chew the fat on slips-and-falls from an Irish perspective.
The two also discuss the slip safety industry, particularly some of the less scrupulous practices that take place that businesses should be wary of.
Highlights include:
– Richard’s background of how he came to be involved in this niche area
– Setting the scene of the problem in Ireland e.g. size, claims payouts, level of understanding
– The biggest mistakes that companies make
– The most effective control measures
– Slip safety industry bug bears
To learn more about Richard, connect on Linkedin here
#Sliptember – raising awareness of the importance of slip safety throughout September
We need to solve the £1bn+ annual problem, affecting millions, hiding in plain sight under our feet: slips-and-falls
The three big problems around slip safety:
⚠️ Slips are more serious than most think
⚠️ Slips are more costly than most think
⚠️ Slips are more complex than most think
Sliptember’s three goals:
✅ Challenge the misperception that slips are inevitable, simple-to-solve, and even funny
✅ Promote the proven science of slip prevention, which typically sees 50%+ reductions in accidents
✅ Encourage government to legislate slip testing as an annual requirement in buildings in the UK
Get involved:
👉 Be in with a chance of winning one of £50,000 worth of free slip tests by supporting our campaign
👉 Check out the five ways to win:
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