“Just” a slip?

⚠️ Think again with this slip story ⚠️

In a hotel kitchen, despite:
◽️ a slips and trips risk assessment
◽️ monthly checks that identified the kitchen floor as slippery-when-wet
◽️ routine presence of liquid on the floor
◽️ staff complaints
◽️ safety footwear being worn

…effective solutions at managing slip risk were not implemented

As a result, a chef slipped and suffered severe arm burns from hot oil in deep fat fryer

He also sustained burns to his face as the oil splashed on him

Surgery and 5 months off work followed

Slips are serious

This is an all-too-common example of companies looking superficially at slips

For example:
👉 “Safety footwear” doesn’t mean slip-resistant footwear
👉 Looking clean doesn’t mean safe-when-wet
👉 Having a risk assessment and safety policy doesn’t mean it’s being implemented

What areas can you identify to look at slips in more depth in your business to stop this kind of serious outcome?