Slip Safety Services is delighted to announce that it has become a member of Insurtech UK, the trade association for the community of insurtech startups in the UK.


We are the largest formal insurtech alliance in the world, with a membership base of over 100 insurtech businesses and a number of partners both from the traditional insurance space and industries which serve the insurance market.

Our mission is to transform the insurance industry through the use of technology, and to make the UK the global leader for insurance innovation.

To achieve this, Insurtech UK has the following objectives:

> Promote the UK insurtech sector with Government, Parliament, Regulators, industry and media

> Campaign for policy changes to drive the sector’s resurgence following COVID-19 and to help UK insurtech achieve its potential as the globally leading sector

> Deliver regular events and resources so members can share insights, learn best practices and successfully build their businesses

> Connect members with investment and partnership opportunities in both domestic and international markets

Find out more on the Insurtech UK website: