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New CPD launched: Specifying Safe Surfaces

By Christian Harris | 22nd September 2020

Slip resistance is a critical factor for you to consider in any project, yet there is a lot of information out there which can become confusing: R9, DCOF, PTV, RZ, ABC… no wonder sometimes mistakes are made.   Further, most CPDs are given by material suppliers. Even if they give the right information, they are…

Christian Harris appears on the Slip And Fall Guy Podcast

By Christian Harris | 14th September 2020

Appearance on the Slip And Fall Guy Podcast with Russell Kendzior   It was great to chat to Russ to compare and contrast the situation in the UK vs that of the USA on his popular podcast   Some of the topics we discussed:   Why did I get involved in this field? How big…

Remember, remember, the 1st of Sliptember

By Christian Harris | 2nd September 2020

Slips are the biggest cause of accident, injury and insurance claim in most sectors Each year 300,000+ people go to A&E after a slip, leading to 1.5m+ NHS bed days The average insurance claim costs £10,000 and the UK’s total claim costs exceed £1bn annually – that’s £2.7m a day But many costs are not…

What is a slip test?

By Christian Harris | 20th July 2020

One of the most common questions we are asked is: “what is a slip test?” A slip test, in very simple terms, is a method of scientifically measuring how slip resistant a floor surface is.   Here’s a video which runs through this for you:   In the UK, the slip test method recommended and…

CIMSPA leisure facility cleaning webinar Q&A

By Christian Harris | 10th July 2020

Christian Harris was asked to assist CIMSPA in a webinar on leisure facility cleaning. Below are the top ten questions that were asked in advance, and Christian’s answers.   The government specifically mentioned harder breathing, and the volume and frequency of surfaces being touched as reasons that facilities haven’t yet been able to open. Why…

James Harvey of BLM on the Slip Safety Show

By Christian Harris | 30th June 2020

James Harvey of BLM joins Christian Harris on the Slip Safety Show to discuss the claims landscape past, present and future   We crammed in a lot of useful content, including: What have been the most common claims James’ clients have faced, both in Public Liability and Employer’s Liability cases? How has this changed over…

Slip Safety Show with Mike Boxall

By Christian Harris | 23rd June 2020

How do you know how effective your cleaning, waste management or other FM service (whether outsourced or delivered in-house) truly is? My guest on this episode of the Slip Safety Show can benchmark this for you.   Mike Boxall runs Sitemark. It exists to benchmark performance versus best-practice to enable clients to: Minimise costs Demonstrate…

Opensensors webinar plug

Ensuring your building is clean and safe after lockdown – a webinar with OpenSensors and Slip Safety Services

By Christian Harris | 18th June 2020

Join Yodit Stanton, CEO & Founder at OpenSensors, and Christian Harris, Founder of Slip Safety Services, on 25th June at 4pm for a webinar to: – Understand what cleaning standards to achieve and maintain post COVID – Dispel inaccurate information around COVID cleaning – Explore how to test if your office building is truly clean…

How to ensure a rigorous cleaning and disinfection regime throughout your gym or leisure facility, per UK Active Fit Together guidance

Webinar: meeting ukactive’s minimum standards on cleanliness & hygiene

By Christian Harris | 18th June 2020

Below is a recording of Christian Harris’ webinar from 17th June 2020 setting out how leisure facilities should ensure that they meet ukactive’s minimum requirements for cleaning & hygiene.   Fit Together was published in June 2020 as the leisure sector’s industry guidance response to how to reopen safely. There are 6 main commitments, of…

CHIMES Individual header

CHIMES Model: 3/6 – Individual

By Christian Harris | 15th June 2020

Clearly a slip accident cannot occur without a human being present. If we start at base principles. I think we would all agree that we can walk on slippery surfaces without slipping. If you were to think of an ice-skating rink, for example, and we lined up 100 people off the street and asked them…