Take the Slip Safety Scorecard (banner)

Slips are the biggest cause of accidents and personal injury claims in the UK. The costs, both human and financial, are huge.

We believe all slips are avoidable but there is a lack of knowledge on the subject which means slip issues perpetuate.

Our Slip Safety Scorecard seeks to bridge this gap by enabling you to understand slip safety better and, as a result, to implement proven methodologies to reduce risk, lower accident frequency, produce less harm and ultimately save cost.

By answering a series of straightforward yes/no questions, in under ten minutes we can build up a detailed understanding of your unique slip safety profile.

The output of the Scorecard is a 30+ page, bespoke report which gives you a score for each of the six sources of a slip, plus an overall score.

It also highlights areas for improvement; gives you specific pointers on how to improve; and directs you to all sorts of targeted, relevant resources to further increase your knowledge on the subject.