Safety first, this festive shopping season

With the festivities fast approaching we have seen a huge increase in the number of shoppers heading to retail centres across the UK – but with Christmas, comes winter weather – and an increased chance of slip accidents in every store.

The safety of shoppers is in the hands of the retailer, who is responsible for ensuring that their floors don’t become an accident waiting to happen, as hundreds of thousands of feet cross the threshold every hour, bringing with them the wet, slippery conditions of our winter wetlands.

As well as wet weather and ice we also have the fallen leaves of autumn, which can be blown or tramped through doors, and the distracted, busy minds of people trying to get their shopping done in time for Christmas; all of this combines to give us dangerous, slippery floors – particularly in entranceways – and the time comes when a simple ‘wet floor’ sign simply isn’t enough of a response to the dangers.

Knowing that you could be hit with a hefty bill if someone is injured in your property, have you considered what extra steps you can take to protect people and prevent accidents?

Certainly, wet floor signs and large-area mats for people to wipe their feet are a basic necessity – but this relies on people taking the time to wipe their feet efficiently, and when numbers are high, the wet and dirt still carries beyond those mats. It’s important to protect people by treating your floor with an anti-slip treatment throughout the store, offering the best protection against slipping.

The kind of treatment required can depend on what floors you have. But whether you have wooden floors, tiles or laminate, we have a solution to meet every need.

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