Cleaner and safer floors in your leisure facility bring a host of benefits

A club’s cleanliness is a vital part of its success:

  • Revenue per member is 2.35x higher if you invest in cleanliness
  • 68% of members believe floor cleanliness is very important
  • Better cleanliness drives up Net Promoter Score
  • Deep cleaning means you need to worry less about and spend less on day-to-day cleaning

Safety is paramount and most leisure floors don’t meet HSE standards:

  • Slips are the most common cause of accident and insurance claim
  • The average claim costs £10,000 but the hidden costs are a further £100k
  • We can scientifically measure how slippery your floors are and will show you how we can reduce risk by 5,000x or more
  • Our work can often be funded by your insurer


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