Leisure club relaunch deep cleaning method review

Let us impartially review your proposed deep clean process to give you the best chance of driving up standards to the required level yourself

Members have always seen cleanliness as important

  • 71% say cleanliness is “very important” when choosing a new club vs only 61% saying price
  • Revenue per member is 2.35X higher in a club in the top quartile of investment on cleanliness vs one in the bottom quartile
  • The average club has lost £45k / year of revenue through attrition directly attributable to cleanliness


Yet, historically standards have been poor

The UK leisure sector has struggled with cleanliness in the past, particularly in barefoot and wet areas of clubs (showers, changing rooms, poolsides etc. See example photos here:


It’s critical that you get this right now – your very existence depends on it

Preparing for relaunch, it’s vitally important that cleanliness and hygiene levels are at a level never seen before.

If you don’t achieve this, members – who will be paranoid about and perhaps even fearful over hygiene levels – simply won’t return.

Get it right, conversely, and you are likely to do really well versus competitors in your area.


How should you do your relaunch deep cleaning?

There are two basic options:

1A – do it yourself with your own staff

1B – do it yourself using your daily cleaning company

2 – outsource to a specialist deep cleaning company


If you’d like us to help you with option 2, please click here to see how this works

If you’d like to try option 1A or 1B, we can help you with our specialist knowledge and decades of experience by giving you a method – using your existing supply chain – that has the best chance of success


What you’ll get from us

Send us:

  • A full list of chemicals and equipment that you have or can order from your preferred suppliers
  • A breakdown of your club(s) by area including sizes in square metres or square feet (approximate sizes are fine)
  • Ideally, photos of the areas (particularly the barefoot and wet areas) so we can see what condition they are in
  • An idea of labour availability – how many people do you have available for how many hours?


We’ll revert with:

  • Suggestions on a method, including chemical and equipment, for each area of your club(s) – using our ROTAS model
  • A breakdown of timings and labour you need to allocate to each area
  • An overall idea of whether your resources are sufficient to do the job


How much does it cost?

Our charge is £500+VAT for this desktop exercise

We can also, if you like, visit a site to do a review after a deep clean (including quantifiable testing of safety and hygiene plus a check of aesthetic standards). This would cost an additional £500+VAT


How do you book this in?

Please email Christian Harris on charris@ or arrange a call with him by clicking here