You need to get cleanliness, hygiene and safety right

Cleanliness standards in the sector have historically been very poor, particularly in barefoot and wet areas. See some example photos here

This standard simply won’t cut it any longer, everyone agrees


But, do you know how to?

But… are your staff (or your daily cleaning company) really able to uplift this standard of cleanliness sufficiently to meet members newfound expectations?

Do you have the skill? Do you have the right equipment and consumables? Do you really know what the right method is, or how exactly to quantify that to check you’ve done it effectively?

Here is an article on why it’s important to really know what you are doing when it comes to trying to deep clean and disinfect your buildings.


We have four ways to help you

  1. Free, educational content for you to learn about why this is important, why the sector is in a bad state of cleanliness right now and how – at a high level – you can seek to address this in your club(s)
  2. A review of your cleaning & hygiene relaunch process, should you wish to try doing this yourself (either your own staff, or using your daily cleaning company)
  3. A hybrid, done-with-you service model where we guarantee the outcome by controlling the process but engage some of your staff to help us which brings various additional benefits, including cost
  4. A full done-for-you service where our specialist team completes a clean and disinfection of all areas



Which is right for you?

If you’d like to discuss this, please feel free to contact Christian Harris. You can book in a call by clicking here or email him on charris@


What about once clubs are open again?

Clearly, the requirement on cleanliness and hygiene will be in place day-by day. But, without significant investment, up-tooling and up-skilling the cleaning team in your club(s) – whether they are in-house or outsourced, you’ll struggle to maintain this every single day without some periodic intervention.

We typically work with clients using our CHAMP methodology whereby we visit every 6 months to do a PPM maintenance deep clean of all the barefoot and wet areas, bearing in mind that these are the hardest to clean and the areas in which members perceive the greatest importance of hygiene.

In the “easier” areas of clubs, one advantage of the done-with-you relaunch model is that we can upskill some of your team to effectively maintain standards.

You can find out more about CHAMP here.