Leisure Coronavirus Relaunch FAQs

In our regular conversations with leisure club operators, we are coming across many of the same questions. We are answering these in some detail in a series of articles.

The answer is really quite simple: unless the floor is clean, it doesn’t matter what chemical you put down to try to sanitise or disinfect, it’s going to be ineffective.


So, the main thing you need to ensure that you get right is to clean away the dirt and contamination on the floor.


In fact, if you do that and you were to conduct a hygiene test, you would almost certainly find that this had removed the vast majority of any germs, viruses or bacteria in any event.


You may be able to find a viricidal chemical that is also very effective at cleaning. I don’t know of one off the top of my head, but that’s not to say one doesn’t exist.


The more pragmatic approach might be to simply add on a second process of mopping on a viricidal chemical after you’ve thoroughly cleaned the floor. This wouldn’t add a huge amount of time onto your day-to-day regime, but would give you some additional comfort.


The fact that the floor or indeed any of the surface needs to be cleaned before it can be made identically safe is why we are putting a lot of emphasis on deep cleaning. The better you do a deep clean now, before reopening, the closer you get to an “as new standard”, the easier it will be on a daily basis to keep your floors (and indeed other surfaces) clean and safe.


If you do not get up to the right standard with your deep clean now, your daily cleaning becomes exponentially more difficult, because you are trying to do a “deep clean” every day, which in reality is impractical for all sorts of reasons, and therefore you simply won’t be able to achieve a safe environment for your members and staff.


Remember finally that showers and changing rooms are the area of the club that members rate the importance of cleanliness the highest.



We can help with our decades of experience in this world by provide by reviewing your prospective list of chemicals and equipment, and giving you a methodology to follow for each area of your club, including the number of hours you need to allocate. Please click here for details on the service.



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