Historically, the time (the S in ROTAS) allowed to complete cleaning tasks has been one area where leisure clubs have struggled. Cleaning has often been left to the end of the day and then rushed, with whole changing villages having 15 minutes to be cleaned for example.


To relaunch your club in-line with the public’s new requirement for cleanliness and hygiene, you need to invest the right amount of time.


If you don’t thoroughly clean all surfaces, it is literally impossible for them to be disinfected.


If you rush this, your members will return and think “what have these guys been doing for the last few months?”.


We’ve put together this calculator, which will take under 5 minutes to complete (provided you know your club’s sizes in square metres) that will give you an indication of the hours you need to set aside for each part of your club to do a proper, thorough deep clean and then disinfect before reopening. If you don’t know your sizes, have a read here first.