James Harvey of BLM joins Christian Harris on the Slip Safety Show to discuss the claims landscape past, present and future


We crammed in a lot of useful content, including:

  • What have been the most common claims James’ clients have faced, both in Public Liability and Employer’s Liability cases?
  • How has this changed over time?
  • What effect has the COVID pandemic had on claims volumes currently?
  • How does James see claims changing as a result of the pandemic – for example any new types of claims?


We also delve into a bit of depth around slip accident claims and look at some of the common questions we are asked:

  • Are yellow signs helpful?
  • Do check sheets help or hinder claims defensibility?
  • Is getting slip testing done a positive or negative?


As always, James offers great insights which will be useful for anyone that has responsibility for safety or risk in their organisation


You can see the video below


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