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It’s not too late to show your floors some love…

Valentine’s day might be behind us – but that’s no reason to let your love fade for your flooring. We have three great ways to show your floor some love this spring to keep it looking its best – and keep you safe from the risks of slipping!

Deep clean

We’re sure that you clean your floors regularly – we all know how to throw a vacuum and mop around the room – but did you know that, over time, there is a gradual build up of residue from cleaning materials and ingrained dirt and grime which can significantly reduce the gorgeous sheen of your chosen flooring, and significantly increase the chances of you taking a tumble on a compromised surface?

Our deep cleaning service strips this residue away, and restores your flooring to its original glory, all scuffs and stains magicked away, and giving you peace of mind without the health and safety risks.


As well as stripping back any residue or build up of grime, and restoring that gleaming, new surface, we offer a great sealing service which will protect the flooring material from the encroachment of any new scuffs, stains and spillages to ensure that there’s no risk of slipping on the surface – this means your floor will not only look better for longer, you’ll also be safer.


Though sealing will go a long way to protecting your flooring, and your footing, a final treatment with an anti-slip product will ensure that, even in poor conditions (dark, wet, icy, dirty) you and anyone else crossing that flooring will be protected from the risk of slipping and being injured – and this will protect any professional environment from insurance claims from disgruntled workers or visitors.

There are many reasons to go ahead with our floor treatments – whether you’re focusing on the health and safety benefits, or simply want your space to be beautiful top to bottom, we can help. Call the Slip Safety Services team today on 0203 355 to find out more.

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