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It pays for your leisure club to be clean, just ask Parkwood Leisure

We were delighted to see that a client of ours, Parkwood Leisure, has seen great success in a new contract in Spalding, adding over 13% new members.


We undertook a deep clean of the changing facilities at Castle Sports Centre and Swimming Pool as part of the mobilisation of the contract. As is well-known, higher cleanliness correlates with Net Promoter Score and therefore new membership sales.


Nearly 3,000 people became members of Castle Sports Complex and Swimming Pool, both in Spalding, and Peele Leisure Centre, Long Sutton, in July this year, compared to 2,545 in March.


Gary Taylor, the district council’s deputy leader and portfolio holder for communities and facilities, said in the local press: “We are delighted that more residents of South Holland are making use of our much-improved leisure provision across all three sites. Since Parkwood took over the leisure contract… I believe we have turned a corner in terms of getting the basics right and customers can now access good-quality leisure services that are clean and fit for purpose.”


Taking the annual membership fee of £312, an increase of 500 members shows a £150k+ rise in turnover.


This financial benefit also does not account for improved attrition…


3-5% of a club’s total membership leaves each year due to cleanliness.


If we assume that this centre has 5,000 members and use the IHRSA analysis that states NPS of a clean club is 51% better than a dirty club, that translates into 77 – 128 fewer members leaving each year adding £24-40k to the club’s coffers.


In the context of the annual cost of deep cleaning a large club like this of c.£10k per year, the return on investment from a professional deep clean to achieve a 10/10 standard – not very common at all in the sector generally – is impressive.


It certainly pays for your leisure centre to be clean, as Parkwood Leisure has proven.


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