In addition to being quoted by BBS Sport, our founder, Christian Harris, saw some of his insights shared by Insurance Times following the large number of tennis players slipping and falling at this year’s Wimbledon Championships.


The Insurance Times article focussed more on the question of whether any insurance claims could be brought by the players. Serena Williams – arguably the greatest-ever female tennis player – was among a flurry of players having to withdraw from the tournament due to injuries sustain when slipping.


You can see the section quoting Christian here:


As Christian said in the article:

”This issue highlights the risks that can be posed by slips and falls.

”Whilst often these are seen as not too serious, 300,000 plus accident and emergency visits a year are a sign that, when it’s not elite athletes falling over, injuries can be severe.

”It’s also a learning point that things change – Wimbledon wasn’t expecting this to suddenly be a problem, yet it is.

”With 33% of claims by volume and value being slips-and-falls, companies should regularly update their slip safety risk assessment.”


To see where your exposures to slip-and-fall accidents and claims may lie, we recommend using our Slip Safety Scorecard. This is a digital tool to score yourself on the 6x areas of CHIMES (the reasons why people slip).