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How to interpret Pendulum Test results

Here at Slip Safety Services, we carry out a thorough on-site assessment that incorporates the industry recognised pendulum testing method, as used by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) & UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG). Through these effective testing methods, we are able to produce a comprehensive measurable report to outline areas of concern and recommendations of services and solutions to improve slip safety within your business.

The pendulum test works by replicating a person’s heel striking a floor and quantifies the amount of friction produced. It gives you a Pendulum Test Value, which equates to a category of slip potential:

PTV        Slip potential
0-24              High
25-35         Moderate
36+                Low

The PTV also equates to an accident risk exposure:
PTV    Risk
19          1 in 2
24          1 in 20
27          1 in 200
29          1 in 10,000
34          1 in 100,000
36          1 in 1,000,000










The HSE says that floors should achieve a PTV of 36+ in their intended end use. Critical to this therefore is understanding which of your floors are foreseeably wet and therefore need to achieve this number in both wet and dry conditions.

To find out how Slip Safety Services can quantifiably reduce your slip risk and reduce the risk of accidents by 50%+, book your FREE Slip Safety Strategy call HERE.

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