In the past, your choices as an architect or building operator have been limited to a floor that looks great (as in, shiny and aesthetically pleasing) versus a floor that is safe-when-wet (as in an Altro-type floor, a textured resin, or similar). But now, that balance of safety and aesthetic is possible thanks to polymer based anti-slip treatments. So how does a polymer anti-slip treatment work, exactly?


in very simple terms, after a thorough clean to remove all residues, a polymer is applied to the surface and bonds to the top. This is achieved, unlike with a an old-technology style acid etch treatment, without breaking down the substrate. The polymer leaves a web-like residue microscopically on the surface, which has a high level of wet slip resistance. Because it’s a polymer and is more or less 100% invisible, you can still maintain shine and aesthetic on the floor.



What kinds of floors can the treatment be used on?


Our polymer anti-slip treatment can be used on any stone or tiled floor surface. It’s particularly useful on aesthetically-pleasing surfaces, including shiny ones, given it enables the balance of maintaining shine but achieving good wet Pendulum Slip Test results.



Just how shiny can a surface be?


Each floor needs to be dealt with on its own merits. But as you can see here below, with a half-treated tile, the surface still retains reflectivity and sheen.



If you compared the treated versus untreated sides of this tile using a gloss meter, you will see a difference. But to the naked eye, it’s unlikely anybody would realistically ever notice, particularly once the whole floor has been treated.



How long does this anti-slip effect last?


Unlike an industrial anti slip coating (which clearly you wouldn’t choose in the kinds of areas or on the surfaces that this polymer is designed to enhance, anyway), this doesn’t last for five to ten years. But, in our experience, and backed-up with the manufacturer’s guarantee, we are comfortable that if properly maintained (including an annual maintenance visit by our specialist, technicians) the treatment lasts for several years.


But actually, if you opt for our maintenance package, this includes a top-up of the treatment as and when required anyway. So, in truth the answer is: your floor safety will be sustained forever, because every year (or every six months, depending on need), it would be deep cleaned, the anti-slip treatment would be topped-up, the floor would be slip tested and recertified. So, you have full clarity of performance and certainty that this is a long-term sustainable way of achieving the balance between safety and aesthetics.



Where has it been used before?


We’ve got countless examples, from prestigious hotels to busy shopping centres to local authority leisure centres and office reception floors. Here are a some examples showing shiny surfaces, both before and after treatment, but confirming the efficacy of the polymer anti-slip treatment.


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IHG Blythswood Square

blythswood hotel





CBRE Brunswick Shopping Centre









Can you do a sample polymer anti-slip treatment area for us?


We are happy to look at sample tiles and treat them if you send these to us. We can also do an on-site sample area. Pendulum sip testing of before and after results would be included in both cases.



How much does it cost?


You can see our pricing schedule on our pricing page. There are some variables which could effect this. The best idea is to call us (0203 355 5018) to discuss your exact requirements.



What should you do to find out more?


Check out our page Shiny But Safe


Call us on 0203 355 5018.