Particularly in areas of buildings with skin contact and bodily fluids such as health club barefoot areas and hotel bathrooms, having a hygienically clean environment is more important than ever


Ensuring clean surfaces can help to prevent the spread of germs and viruses:

“A clean environment reduces the cumulative risk of transmission of infection posed by micro-organisms in that environment” (NHS).



  • Consider some preventative deep cleaning. This will have a health benefit but also serve as a good customer experience driver
  • A thorough, effective deep clean of floors, walls and hard surfaces will help to mitigate the risk of germs remaining and multiplying
  • Following this, disinfection should take place


Response to a confirmed case

  • If a customer or colleague is confirmed as being infected, you may want or need to close and undertake a full decontamination process. This would need to involve an effective deep clean followed by disinfection
  • You should be able to open again almost immediately following this work
  • Thereafter, stay on top of your day-to-day cleaning to prevent the build-up of ingrained dirt
  • Continue to disinfect barefoot floors and skin touch points such as door handles, shower buttons etc


What we can do

  • Offering a fast reaction time, we can visit your site and undertake a thorough top to bottom deep clean and disinfection
  • In areas with light contamination, a combination of spray and wipe or ULV disinfection will be used
  • In areas with heavier contamination, e.g. barefoot floors, shower walls, kitchens, a thorough, effective deep clean will first be completed to ensure that surfaces have no ingrained contamination. We will then disinfect
  • The building can return to almost immediate use


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If you require help to undertake either a proactive or reactive deep clean and decontamination, we are happy to assist.


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