It’s more critical than ever that your buildings are clean and safe

Our Covid-19 decontamination service guarantees – and proves – this for you


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Here’s a quick video where our founder, Christian Harris, explains the importance of getting this right:


Why is a Covid decontamination clean important?

  • Vaccinations are taking place at speed, but:
    • It’s simply not possible for you as a building owner or manage to know if someone has been vaccinated
    • Even if someone has been vaccinated, they could still bring the virus into your building
    • You need to focus on what you can control: PPE, distancing and hygiene
    • Surface transmission is a real risk
    • Yet, you cannot see the virus – it’s an “invisible enemy” to fight
    • That’s why you need proven, scientifically-driven cleaning and disinfection methods to be certain that you are doing your bit


You should “vaccinate” your building with an effective decontamination deep clean

Insurers expect a tsunami of Covid claims. Are you confident you can provide the scientific evidence your have kept your building safe?

But forget that: let’s remember that we don’t want anyone using our buildings to contract the virus on our watch. We all want this to end and everyone to be kept safe!






How does our Covid-19 decontamination deep clean service work?

  • Our team has been deep cleaning buildings for decades, from 5* hotels to offices, leisure centres and everything in between
  • We know what a true deep clean is and that’s what we deliver
  • Our proven methodology: C.L.E.A.N.E.R
    • Clear physical debris and ingrained soiling
    • Leave surfaces perfectly clean, allowing effective disinfection
    • Envelop surfaces with approved disinfectant
    • Analyse safety levels with scientific testing
    • Note process and outcome evidence into court-ready certification
    • Empower your daily cleaning team to maintain standards
    • Repeat on a planned, periodic basis to demonstrate best practice


The CLEANER Method


Guaranteeing you clean and safe surfaces, every time



What do you get?

  • Your building will be the cleanest it’s ever been
  • Your surfaces will be effectively disinfected and therefore 100% safe
  • You will be able to produce scientific evidence that you have done all you can to ensure your building has been “vaccinated”
  • You will get court-ready proof of this in a certificate after every visit
  • You will receive photos and videos of our work to ensure the confidence of your staff, customers and other stakeholders
  • You will also get a free slip test to document floor safety levels
  • You will save 25% by signing up to a maintenance package
  • You will know you have done above and beyond to protect your team, your customers, your business and yourself



How can you get booked in?

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When should I get a decontamination clean?

  • There are three critical times to get a Covid-19 decontamination deep clean:
    1. If you’ve been closed, before you reopen so that your building is up to the highest standard and you then have the best chance of maintaining it in a safe condition
    2. After any outbreak of Covid before you reopen
    3. On a planned, periodic basis. Your daily cleaning is unlikely to keep safety standards up for months on end without the help of scheduled, professional deep cleans

Just because your building “looks clean” and your cleaners are doing “enhanced cleaning”, it doesn’t mean your surfaces are truly safe

Your duty of care is to do what’s reasonable to keep your building safe. Ensuring you meet all three of the above will be strong evidence of going above and beyond



What do you need to know to ensure you do this right?

  • Unfortunately, there are huge amounts of misinformation and mis-selling around Covid-19 cleaning
  • Our founder, Christian Harris, wrote a detailed white paper “Myth busting Covid cleaning” which has been viewed and commented on thousands of times on Linkedin and was also published in This Week In FM
    • You need a 2-stage process: clean and then disinfect
    • You cannot rely on fogging / misting / spraying alone without excellent physical cleaning
    • You cannot rely on “ongoing protection” without excellent daily cleaning, either
  • You can’t afford to take changes here. As insurer Aviva said in its pandemic white paper: “additional cleaning is required, but can your existing cleaners do it?”


Choose a trusted, specialist supplier



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Why should I trust you to make my building safe?

  • We’ve built relationships with leading insurers, brokers, lawyers, FM companies and end user clients from multinationals to independent businesses

  • We are known for deep cleaning the surfaces you thought were uncleanable. Check this out from the leisure sector, where deep cleaning is much more of a challenge than in an office, for example:


We know what CLEANER really means and we are trusted by leading brands to deliver this. We’d love to support you too






But my cleaners are doing “enhanced cleaning”, isn’t that sufficient?

  • It may be, but what is “enhanced cleaning” exactly?
  • Our experience, and the experience of the Dispatches Channel 4 show for example, is that companies are cleaning much more frequently
  • But ineffective cleaning done more often does not suddenly make that cleaning effective
  • Voluminous cleaning is not effective cleaning
  • The likelihood is that your existing cleaning methods aren’t enough to keep surfaces truly clean and safe (remember the question Aviva posed?)


Your enhanced cleaning may be working, but it’s more likely that it isn’t

You should be using scientific testing to verify this, to protect your staff, customers and yourself

Supplement effective, enhanced cleaning with periodic decontamination cleans



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