Insurance saving

How slip safety can reduce your insurance costs

  Slips are almost always the largest cause and cost of claims, regardless of industry. If you can reduce your accidents and claims, though, what effect would this have on your insurance costs? Reviewing premiums with two partners (one broker and one insurer), the spread of premiums paid by significantly—sized clients was from £4m+ to…

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How do slopes affect slip safety?

It sounds obvious to say that if you are walking on a slope you have a greater requirement for floor friction, but how much more friction? Should slopes be avoided where possible – and is there ever a point that a slope is so severe that it’s unsafe? Many floors have slopes to assist with…

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Why should you use PTV instead of R ratings?

In the UK, the HSE’s slip testing method of choice is the Pendulum. This measures the dynamic co-efficient of friction provided by a floor surface, illustrated by a Pendulum Test Value (PTV). Over the last decade, the UK market has become increasingly familiar with the Pendulum Test, but many specifiers, suppliers and purchasers of floors,…

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leisure deep clean

Deep Clean for the New Year ahead

There is never a better time for treating your leisure building – whether it’s a gym, spa or sports centre – to an effective deep clean. With Christmas fast approaching, attendance at the gym might drop off a little – but following the festivities we will not only see the new year’s resolution boosting the…

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figure flooring

What do your floors and your figure have in common?

Perhaps more than you might have thought! We recently carried out a deep clean of a leisure facility and, speaking to the manager, it reminded me of so many comments I’ve heard over the years: “I hadn’t realised how dirty the floor was” “Because it looked consistent I assumed it was clean” And, tellingly: “I’ve…

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Christmas Shopping

Safety first, this festive shopping season

With the festivities fast approaching we have seen a huge increase in the number of shoppers heading to retail centres across the UK – but with Christmas, comes winter weather – and an increased chance of slip accidents in every store. The safety of shoppers is in the hands of the retailer, who is responsible…

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