Network Rail slips – £1m paid out in slips, trips and falls insurance claims according to BBC article

Below is a copy of an article published by the BBC on 8th August 2019 which discussed Network Rail slips accidents and resulting insurance claims:   Paddington station: Commuter gets £27k for ‘possible pigeon poo slip’ By Thomas Mackintosh BBC News, London A commuter received £27,602 from Network Rail after “possibly slipping” on pigeon poo…

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How You Can Get a Slip Test Funded by Your Insurance Company

I recently spoke at a real estate risk management conference to an audience of 60-70, hosted by Lockton – a leading broker. Part of my presentation discussed the “insurer carrot” and the “insurer stick” approaches to risk management. I was shocked that when I explained the concept of the “carrot”, very, very few people (under…

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