outdoor antislip

Can you treat an outdoor area with anti-slip?

We are often asked if there’s anything we can do to reduce the risk of slipping on outdoor floor surfaces; people know that we can treat indoor flooring, but don’t know how much can be done outdoors to provide the same level of safety and care.

We’re happy to announce that yes, indeed we can treat outdoor areas – and a wide range of surfaces are suited to the anti-slip treatments we offer, both indoors and out.

Whether you want to treat concrete, tile, stone, wood, resin or metal, we have a range of surfaces designed to significantly improve safety and reduce the chances of slipping.

Clearing the ground of trip hazards, debris and cleaning it, are certainly a step in the right direction (if you’ll excuse the pun!), but often this doesn’t do enough to significantly reduce those slip hazard risks – but treating the ground surface with the right products can ensure a better grip even in inclement weather, and reduce the risk of slipping even in the coldest or wettest environments.

No matter what the surface you want to improve with our anti-slip treatments, we have a product or solution which can work. Call us today on 0203 355 5018 to find out more about which of these processes will be the best suited to your unique requitements.

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