We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest product…


The SAFER Portal enables underwriters to protect their loss ratios by reducing slip insurance claim frequency and improving claims defensibility

This is achieved at scale, including internationally, through a digital platform

Why are slips such a problem for underwriters?
◾️ Slips cause the bulk of losses in most casualty books: a £1bn+ annually just in the UK
◾️ A single claim can wipe out years’ profit on a given client
◾️ Yet premium is often too low for direct risk management intervention at sufficient scale to make a dent in the sheer volume of losses
◾️ And almost all advice & training is too generalist, too “fluffy” and has no practical, implementable element – so it doesn’t make a difference

How does The SAFER Portal solve these problems?
◾️ Enables digital risk management at scale, even internationally
◾️ Implements proven, practical slip safety tools to physically reduce risk in clients’ buildings; driving down accident frequency
◾️ Tracks activity and adherence to produce claims defensibility evidence and to provide valuable insights for underwriters
◾️ Facilitates sensible pricing discussions by proving risk management activity and successes in the largest area driving loss ratios

Our credentials:
◾️ We’ve prevented over £30m of claims in the last 3 years with my practical risk reduction services
◾️ Typically our clients see at least a 50% reduction in accidents
◾️ But we can’t be at every building. The Portal makes a difference for the masses without hands-on involvement

What are the outputs?
✔️ Clients get best-in-class knowledge and frameworks
✔️ Proven risk reduction and claims defensibility systems are implemented
✔️ All client activity is tracked and evidenced

Benefits for underwriters:
✅ Lower accident and claims frequency
✅ Improve claims defensibility rates
✅ Protect premium levels and underwriting profitability
✅ Strengthen client relationships through value and innovation


Find details on The SAFER Portal by visiting www.TheSaferPortal.com