Airmic slips and trips workshop a resounding success

We were delighted to support in the organisation and delivery of an Airmic workshop on slips and trips and the rising costs of claims in February 2020.


Held at leading claims law firm BLM, and run in conjunction with ourselves, Hammersbach Consuling and independent consultant and Airmic board member Claire Combes, 40+ delegates from corporates took part.


The aims of the workshop were to facilitate discussion about this, the biggest cause of accidents and claims, and to share best-practices on prevention of accidents, claims defensibility, and building the business case for investment in these strategies to present to your board. Claire set out a wealth of practical advice on the last point, drawing from her years’ experience in FTSE100’s.


In spite of these accidents consistently causing 40%+ of accidents and a similar volume of claims, there are things you can do that are proven to reduce incidents, as I set out:


Delegates spent time in an interactive session with their peers plotting out how they would respond to four different scenarios.


I was struck by the sheer volume of thoughts and ideas suggested. For example, one groups’ feedback on just one of the scenarios is below:


It did make me wonder, though: if we can go into this much depth in a classroom exercise then why is it that, in the field and at the coal face, my experience is that policies and procedures are typically quite flimsy?


For my part, I explained the one key word that anyone wanting to prevent slip accidents must know: CHIMES


The feedback received from the session was excellent and we hope to be able to run similar events in the future. If you’d be interested in attending something like this – or running one for your own team – please get in touch.


If you’d like to learn more about CHIMES, you can find details here.

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