Deep Clean for the New Year ahead

There is never a better time for treating your leisure building – whether it’s a gym, spa or sports centre – to an effective deep clean. With Christmas fast approaching, attendance at the gym might drop off a little – but following the festivities we will not only see the new year’s resolution boosting the January memberships, but spa and leisure facilities will be booked up with people spending their Christmas gift vouchers.

So, whether you’re a luxurious spa or a hardcore gym, now’s the time to prep and preen your facilities to show them at their best for this rush, and to keep people safe however they plan to spend their January.

If you want to capture your share of this market boosting urge to get fit, shake off the holiday weight or just recover from the indulgences with a spa treatment to brighten up a January day, showcasing your facilities at their absolute best is a guaranteed way to tempt people through your doors – and ensuring that your facilities are safe, reducing the risks of slips and trips, and gleaming is a sure-fire way to keep people coming back for more.

Winter can be a dreary time, but getting a professional in to get deep into every last corner will not only make everywhere gleam, which will appeal to anyone considering membership, it will also help to keep everyone safe as every surface is scrubbed free of grime and greasy build up, preventing against slips and safety hazards – the last thing you want when people are committing to a healthier lifestyle.

What’s even better, is that deep cleans can take place outside of working hours,that means no loss of time for your staff or customers!

There’s no better time to book; prepare your facilities now for the post-Christmas rush and tempt more members through your doors with one of our deep-clean services, find out more information HERE. or book a FREE slip safety strategy call here

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